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October 21, 2019
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Saudi Arabia downs bomb-laden Houthi’s drone attacking Jazan Airport

Saudi Arabia on Sunday shot down a bomb-laden drone targetting Jazan airport in the Kingdom.

The drone was deployed by Houthi rebels in Yemen to attack the airport located near Yemen border.

Saudi Arabia said its air force intercepted and destroyed the drone that targeted Jizan airport.

The Saudi-UAE-led coalition fighting the rebels said: “While we confirm our right to defend our country, we stress that the terrorist Houthis will pay a dear price.

Hours before the Saudi announced the Houthis had said they used an armed drone to attack warplane runways at Jizan airport. The airport is used by thousands of civilians every day, but the coalition reported no casualties.

On Thursday Houthis targeted Najran airport also near the Yemeni border, with an explosives-laden drone.

That attack – the third against Najran airport in 72 hours – targeted a Patriot air defence system, rebel-run Al Masirah TV reported. Civilian airports throughout the Middle East often host military bases.

The kingdom said the last Najran attempted drone attack was also intercepted by its air defences and destroyed.

A Houthi leader said on Sunday the group resumed drone attacks deep inside Saudi Arabia this month in response to what he called the coalition’s spurning of “peace initiatives” by the rebels.