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November 20, 2019
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Bilawal questions SBP Governor, FBR Chairman’s appointments

ISLAMABD:  Pakistan People’s Party (PPP) Chairperson Bilawal Bhutto-Zardari has questioned the recent appointment of an IMF official Reza Baqir as Governor State Bank of Pakistan and Shabbar Zaidi as chairman Federal Board of Revenue (FBR).

Talking to media at Parliament House, Bilawal said that asked whether the decisions were taken on someone else’s dictations.

He said that the government had offered no explanation for the sudden changes of SBP Governor and FR chairman.

The PPP chairperson said that Prime Minister Imran Khan had appointed Hafeez Shaikh as the economic adviser “without even meeting him” and claimed that no one, including the premier, knew the reasons behind the change.

He specifically raised questions over the appointment of Dr Reza Baqir — an IMF economist — as SBP governor and asked: “How can IMF negotiate with IMF?”

“All of a sudden [after Shaikh’s appointment], SBP and FBR heads are shown the door. The person appointed as SBP governor was previously receiving his salary from the IMF […] no matter how good or bad [Baqir] is, there will be suspicion as to whether IMF is taking these decisions.”

In response to a question regarding PML-N’s decision to change the Public Accounts Committee (PAC) chairperson, Bilawal said that the PPP had not been taken into confidence.

“They [PML-N] might not have had a chance,” he said. “But yesterday one of their members said in the assembly that the decision was not final.”