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August 24, 2019
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WhatsApp testing features aimed at curbing fake news

Facebook Inc. messaging platform WhatsApp is testing two new features aimed at curbing fake news.

WhatsApp said that it is taking measures to curb the spread of fake news.

The messaging app is beta testing a browser within the app and a reverse image search tool.

The reverse image search tool will help people identify the source of a photo.

As per the reports, it is not clear when the update will be rolled out to the public.

The spread of fake news has landed the messaging platform in hot waters, as several violent incidents have occurred after false messages were circulated through it on groups.

Last year in August, Researchers at Israeli cybersecurity firm said they had found a flaw in WhatsApp that could allow hackers to modify and send fake messages in the popular social messaging app.

In September 2018, the app announced limits of forwarding messages following threats by the Indian government to take action after more than 20 people were butchered by crazed mobs after being accused of child kidnapping and other crimes in viral messages circulated wildly on WhatsApp.