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October 21, 2019
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Moroccan Jewish Scholar: Israel uses Holocaust as a justification of occupation

RABAT: Moroccan Jewish scholar Jacob Cohen has accused Israel of using Holocaust for occupations.

Cohen, who is known for his anti-Zionist ideas, said: “Israel is still employing the cause of the Holocaust to justify the occupation and gain the sympathy of global public opinion.”

Cohen stated this while addressing a seminar entitled: “The Holocaust and the Zionist Agenda. The seminar was organised by the non-governmental National Working Group for Palestine in Rabat.

Cohen said “Israel has been trying to invest in this cause since the 1970s in order redeem its public image and distract the world from the violations committed against the Palestinian people.”

“Israelis are always trying to raise this issue to suggest that Israel is threatened,” he noted.

Cohen continued: “At the domestic level, all the Israeli governments are trying to root the Holocaust issue in the consciousness of the Israeli citizens to continue spreading fear and violence and create a state of permanent aptness for war.”

The Israeli authorities claim that Israel needs security, so it must keep the Golan Heights and other Arab territories in a state of occupation. Thus, they are always trying to convince foreign diplomats to believe in such a narrative, he said.

Cohen pointed out that after some EU countries boycotted some of the Israeli products, which are manufactured in settlements in the West Bank, “Israel’s answer was to publish several pictures showing Jewish merchants being boycotted by the Nazis, claiming that there is an attempt to reproduce the same scenario of the Holocaust. Such propaganda forced many countries to reconsider the idea of boycotting Israeli products.”