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October 24, 2019
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Trump’s ‘U-turn’: Says Looking forward for meeting with Pakistani leadership

WASHINGTON: US President Donald Trump on Wednesday took a U-turn, announcing that he is looking forward to meeting “the new leadership of Pakistan” and wishing for a “great relationship” with Pakistan.

The latest comments of Donald Trump are in total contrast of what he has been saying since taking over as President.

Talking to journalists after a cabinet meeting, the President said that he would be meeting Pakistani leadership in the near future.

The US President comments indicate the strained relationship between the US and Pakistan are easing especially after Pakistan facilitated a US-Taliban meeting in UAE last year.

Trump did not, however, refrain from making a comment about the US’ move to slash aid to Pakistan. “I ended the $1.3 billion that was paid … like it was water. We’re just paying to Pakistan … so I ended that,” he claimed.