Nation Must Learn from Teachings of Allama Iqbal

LAHORE: The Consul General of Liberland for Pakistan Faisal Butt said in his message on the occasion of birth anniversary of the national poet and philosopher Allama Muhammad Iqbal being observed on Friday (November 9).

He said Allama Iqbal awakened and guided a nation, which had lost its destination in the darkness of slavery, and infused a spirit into the Muslims of the sub-continent to make struggle due to which they not only overcame hopelessness but also succeeded to get their destination. The creation of a democratic state was at the heart of Allama Iqbal’s thoughts, he added.

“For Iqbal, the division of India was a guarantee for a peaceful sub-continent as the creation of Pakistan is a great blessing which can help avoid cultural and political clashes, he sad.

Talking about the great Muslim philosopher and poet Faisal Butt said “Allama Muhammad Iqbal regretted the lack of will and desire to excel among the Muslims and urged them through his poetry to rise to the top through sheer hard work, sincerity and devotion. Allama Iqbal had a vision of a society that was tolerant democratic, independent and believed in hard work and sought knowledge,” he said adding,” Iqbal rejected the vision of those who believe in spreading feelings of despair and hatred.”

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