Floods, Landslides Kill 2, Trigger Evacuation in Western Indonesia

JAKARTA: Two people were killed and about 300 others were forced to take shelter at higher grounds as floods and landslides struck West Sumatra province of western Indonesia, a disaster agency official said on Saturday.

Heavy downpours led the waters at rivers overflowed their banks, submerging about 600 houses in Padang, the provincial capital, spokesman of provincial disaster management agency Ariza Rico said.

“The strong current has left two residents dead in the city,” he told the media when asked about situation update.

Three bridges collapsed and one house was destroyed by the current, the spokesman said.

The residents whose houses were inundated escaped the floods and took shelters in relatives’ houses, mosque and other higher ground, he said.

Indonesia is frequently hit by flood and landslide during heavy rain.

Earlier on October 13, 22 people were killed, 15 missing and dozens wounded as flash floods and landslides struck West Sumatra and North Sumatra provinces of western Indonesia.

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