How Thermal Imaging Enhances Security Productivity

How Thermal Imaging Enhances Security Productivity |

Any time a potential security hazard arises, personnel are dispatched to investigate. Security operations rely heavily on personnel for maximum functionality. This is true in most aspects of the security system, but there is plenty of room for increased productivity with machine supplementation. Thermal imaging devices can enhance the performance of security systems to such a degree that they reduce the need for human personnel on many routine callouts. New security equipment comes at a cost, and this has traditionally been the hesitation of upgrading these systems.

However, the long-term benefits of including new age technology as part of an existing security system are immense. Security systems ROI are difficult to quantify in terms of output. The cost savings are evident in the man-hours that are saved by implementing high-tech security, and the threats that are averted because of these security systems. The measure of a successful security system is the lack of successful intrusions. A single intrusion is the equivalent of a weak link in a chain – it nullifies the value of the entire security network. By supplementing the resources available to security guards and their existing equipment such as CCTV, alarmed perimeters, guard dogs, watchtowers and the like, zero intrusions are indeed possible. One of the most effective ways to bolster a security system is by including thermal imaging cameras as part of the existing security apparatus.

How Do Thermal Imaging Devices Assist in Preventing Intruders?

Infrared technology, a.k.a. thermal imaging devices, are groundbreaking innovations. Around-the-clock surveillance is entirely possible with technology that never sleeps, and always alerts the necessary security personnel to potential threats. The reason thermal imaging devices are considered the ultimate security boost is simple: they can detect potential intruders in zero visibility conditions, day or night, 24/7.

Thermal imaging devices have widespread applications as part of an existing security system, including airport security, border security, critical infrastructure, fire detection, law enforcement, oil and gas refineries and of course private property security. Intruder detection systems that include thermal imaging devices are the most effective ways of alerting security guards or law enforcement to intruders and security breaches.