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October 20, 2019
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Latest innocent victim of Syria war shakes internet

Another heart-wrenching picture of a injured, cover in blood and crying young girl has appeared on internet and it is literally shaking social media.

Crying, covered in blood, and with cuts to her head, the young girl, called Aya, calls out for her dad as she is treated medics, the Daily Mail said in a report.

Doctors at the medical centre in Talbiseh in Homs wipe away blood from young Aya’s face and scalp as her eyes search the room for her father and she repeatedly cries ‘Baba’ – Arabic for daddy.

According to activist-run Talbiseh News, the town was hit with four strikes on Monday, in which two civilians were killed and many more injured, including children and babies.

According to the news agency, Aya was later reunited with her father after she was treated in the medical centre.

The town of Talbiseh, which has a population of 84,000, has suffered heavy bombing in recent weeks, after a seven-day ceasefire last month came to an end.

In September aid was able to reach the war-ravaged town for the first time since July.

Talbiseh lies close to the Lebanese border, and two hours south of the partly rebel-held Aleppo, which has suffered some of the worst bombing in the conflict.

The UN has warned that the city faces total destruction as Russian-backed airstrikes on Aleppo continue. AFP/Samaa.

Photo courtesy: AJ+