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December 15, 2019
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Labelling them as “Nazuk Mamlaat” is not a right thing to do

How do you feel if you came to know that your very close relative is sexually abusing your children? How do you feel if your loved ones are killed because of their religion? How do you feel if people look down upon you just because you belong to different sect of Islam? Obviously, you will feel horrible but let’s not talk about it.  These are the “Nazuk Mamlaat” in our country and one cannot discuss them openly especially in front of your elders.

Recently, PEMRA issued a notice to HUM TV drama serial “Udaari” because it raises a sensitive issue of child abuse. Through this notice, they created hype among public that drama serials are showing inappropriate scenes but in reality they are showing what is happening in our homes but we tend to ignore it to maintain our so called “izzat”. Similarly, PEMRA banned Hamza Ali Abbasi for asking a simple question. This time PEMRA make it a religious issue by associating the question with one being a Muslim.

In society like Pakistan, one cannot have a healthy discussion on issues like child abuse, rape and honor killing while having tea. Discussing it with opposite gender like a daughter discussing with her father is considered a crime and a girl would be cursed for her boldness. If you talk about Shia-Sunni or Ahmadi issue, one is told to keep quite otherwise their faith will be challenged. If you talk in favor of Ahmadis, one is being called “kafir” or accused of being Ahmadi.

My point is that we need to understand the core problem instead of attacking the person who is raising the issue. Constitution of 1973 declared Ahmadis as Non-Muslims but killing them or not allowing them to enter in certain areas is not a right thing to do. We are Muslims so we should act like one. Hazrat Muhammad (SAW) never orders to kill kafir in Makkah, instead, he (SAW) behave nicely with them. That is why he conquered Makkah without shedding a single drop of blood. And here we are killing people just because of their religious believes. They should be given their rights like any other minority group. By showing extremist behavior, we are setting a bad example of Muslims in front of them.

We feel ashamed to even say words like “sexual abuse” or “rape”. In our homes we prefer to discuss Shamsa auntie’s dress and Neelo auntie’s makeup but we feel embarrassed to talk about such sensitive matters that need our immediate attention. We want our children to be successful in every walk of life but we didn’t pay attention to their mental health. Through media we can actually make people aware of these issues so they could protect their children.

Television is a platform that has the potential to change the mindset of the whole society. Making people believe that everything is going alright is not a right thing to do. It is our common belief that if something is on TV, then it must be right. So, why not use this medium for good. Why not broadcast such talk shows and dramas that can make people think about subjects they feel hesitant to talk about. Why not use this medium as a voice of those who are victims of these “Nazuk Mamlaat”. Why not use TV as a platform that can help people raise their voice. WHY NOT?

Blogger: Aisha Farrukh