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August 22, 2019
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Why Maalik got banned, Analysis

It’s been viral now, almost everywhere in media, both social and electronic. Yes I am talking about Maalik, it is matter of discussion since days. But before the day, it was being discussed as the Hope for Pakistan, as the pride of Pakistan, was liked by a huge number of Pakistanis.

But now since a day before the way of discussion is changed. Despite being cleared by Pakistan Censor Board. Initially Maalik was banned by Sindh Board of Film Certification (SBFC), later they restored their ban immediately within few hours. After words Maalik was banned by Federal Ministry of Information all over Pakistan thus this verdict broke numerous patriotic hearts, up till now no any justification given by any of federal government official.

Me, a big fan of Asher Azeem felt too much disheartened for him, Dhuwan fame writer/Director/Actor Asher Azeem   always took bold step towards this culprit system in which government & other administrative seats are roaming around few particular families since decades. Common men were victim & still a victim and he gave best of his effort to unmask such characters & reality of our nation. For this sincere effort and lot of hard work as he mention in his promotions for Malik he has been rewarded a ban. This is not the first time government muted such voice, in fact we have history when ever & who ever tried to raise some voice took some bold step always muted.

Let me put on light on the film Maalik, which no more will be in cinemas until unless any withdraw decision taken against ban. Maalik is completely picturized in Pakistan to endorse the beauty of our country. The film is based on the story of culprit politician. Film making & shooting all were high-tech. various seen itself show off the latest technologies used. Pakistani forces, SSG’s thrilling act & stunts all are worth watch. Of course it highlights the extraordinary performance of our force as well. As a whole Malik is a true face of Pakistan as of politician, as of the forces.

What I figure out the reason of ban is the theme line “ma is mulk ka Shahri is mulk ka Maalik ho” cause we are the common men, we are the bloody voter, and we are for shading blood. How we can be Maalik? Probably the Modi’s friend, Obama’s slaves, IMF funds greedy how can be happy with this Maalik approach.

Blogger: Umama Mughal