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October 20, 2019
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Five things which lead to cancer

Do you know that smoking can lead you to at least 15 different kinds of cancer? Almost 9 out of 10 lung cancers occur because of puffing that cigarette. Here are few more things which can lead you to this terrible ailment,


Obesity is likely to cause chronic inflammation, which leads to chronic inflammation over time and damage DNA which results in this disease. Furthermore, obesity is linked with an increased risk of colon, breast, and endometrial cancer.

Passive smoking

Smoke emitting from cigarette releases hundreds of toxic chemicals and you are at the receiving end of that. Around 70 of these chemicals are likely to cause ‘cancer’. There is one thing to remember, there is no safe amount of passive smoking, and even low levels are harmful.

Turning 65

People between the age of 65 and 74 are prone to ‘cancer’. You can definitely not control your age but there are few factors you can control. Top of the list: choose what you eat. Evidence shows that a diet complete with a variety of plant foods such as vegetable, fruits, whole grains, and beans help reducing the risk for many cancers.

Sedentary lifestyle

If you are sitting too much i.e. living a sedentary life, then you are more likely to have the disease than those who live an active life. According to a study, two hours of sedentary behavior increases the risk of colon cancer by 8 percent.

You don’t walk enough

Research has consistently shown that adults who increase their physical activity (either in intensity, duration, or frequency) can reduce their risk of developing colon-cancer by up to 40 percent, compared to those who are sedentary.