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September 16, 2019
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My Dream

I close my eyes n dream
Am I a looser
Or a winner.?
I see undone laundry
Crumpled bed sheets
Irregular house hold

I feel disappointed
I feel lost
I am a failure ,I assure myself

Then I hear a giggle
Giggle turning into giggles
Then I see
My well fed kids
Happy n gay
I move my gaze to other side
I see my parents as happy
As I could wish
Wearing neat clothes n satisfied With my services

A hearty voice calls out
My name in loving tone
My darling ……!
I immediately turns
to face him
To greet him
O welcome my love

All I see a happy man coming
My kids are running to greet their father
My Man
My adorable husband. .
He is happy the way I support him
He is contented with
my love n affection
We think alike
We see together around the house
And see undone laundry
And happy n neat kids
We see undone kitchen
N well fed family
Then I see myself in his eyes
And clearly read it
You are loved ..

Blogger: Dr Rabia Khurram Durrani

Dr Rabia Khurram Durrani is a medical doctor, she expresses her heart through words, both in Urdu and English languages. ٖFacebook page RANAIE KHIAL’s admin and Pakistani blogger writes for TheNewsTribe.com’s visitors.