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October 14, 2019
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Here are the five myths about sleep busted

Sleeping is a key part of remaining healthy but there are several myths that come into your way to have sleep which keeps you healthy. Here are a few of these,

Myth: Naps impact night time sleep

Fact: Power nap should comprise five to 20 minutes, and between 2 to 4 pm. It helps brain to relax and refresh the brain’s working memory.

Myth: Eight hours are essential

Fact: The ‘eight-hour-sleep’ theory is a myth only. Some of you may need to doze off only six to seven hours while the other may need eight to nine hours. Furthermore, your size does not play any role in your slumber-time.

Myth: sleeping switches you off

Fact: Sleeping does not stop your brain and body from working. They continue performing their functions. They keep building bones, sending messages, regenerating tissue, and strengthening immunity, removing toxins and stabilizing blood sugar.

Myth: Workout can make you doze-off

Fact: Not necessarily. Rather too much exercise done a few hours before bedtime can disrupt your slumber.

Myth: You can catch-up with missed sleep

Fact: It is impossible, because even if you sleep a few extra hours in morning it does not do any good to you. Rather it disturbs your biological clock and leaves you tired. The thing which you should do is to go to bed earlier that night rather than waking up late at morning.