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August 25, 2019
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Simple technique to boost memory

Brain is the most complex and the quickest organ of our body. This organ has deceived science hitherto but there is one flaw i.e. memory. Memory is not as perfect as the whole brain is. Nevertheless, a simple technique can make it better.

Scientists suggest that the unusual but simple strategy to boost memory is to draw. In a study conducted in 1973, investigators were studying the memory-boosting characteristic of so-called dual-coding i.e. a combination of both thinking about an object or activity and then drawing the picture of it. The results of the study stated that strategy worked. But the study had certain limitations.

In order to eliminate these limitations, a new study has been conducted. In which the participants were provided with the list of 80 simple words that were also easy to draw. Also, these workds were all nouns.

According to the findings of a recent study, no matter what one has to remember, drawing the object beats any other method every time.

This study reveals that the words drawn are easier to remember than words that are written. So, the researchers concluded that drawing encourages a seamless integration of semantic, visual and motor aspects of a memory trace.