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September 18, 2019
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Facebook to introduce Tip Jar feature soon

SAN FRANCISCO: If you are a Facebook addict, there is great news for you, and even if you are not, we recommend you to reconsider, because Facebook is now bringing a great opportunity for its users to make dollars from Facebook.

According to latest reports, Facebook is planning to introduce a feature called ‘Jar Tip’, from which users can earn money from the posts that they make on the social network.

The giant social networking site is going to introduce new Jar tip feature, where people could add some money as a tip. It will not only help people to earn money but allow you to collect some money for welfare purposes.

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According to The Verge, Facebook is taking a look at ways on how users can make money from their posts, with a survey among users distributed this week hinting at different ways through which they can earn a profit or support a cause through the platform. Money can be made for the user or for the cause through methods such as a digital tip jar, branded content and receiving a part of the advertising revenue that Facebook makes from posts.

The development came in when Facebook conducted a survey in which users were asked that what kind of feature they would like to see on facebook . Majority of people demanded to earn via Facebook like other sites have already provided the facility of earning by posting, sharing or liking.

The feature could see very heavy use from public figures that have a large subscriber base, as they could promote a cause and give their fans a way to donate to it right on Facebook.

Facebook is not a money pile treasure that has been stashed away just waiting for you to find it. It can however prove to be a reliable source of extra income using the right approach, some work and discipline. The basics below will however guide you on how to earn money from facebook.