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February 24, 2020
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Apple iOS 10: Four predictions about upcoming software

Apple is going to launch a latest version of its operating system i.e. Apple iOS 10 and there are some predictions about it which are basically based on the leaked rumors.

Here are these predictions,

Every iPhone has apps like Game Center, Tips and Stocks, which held no utility for many people but they could not be removed.

Now it seems Apple iOS 10 is finally going to give people some relief and would allow these apps. Tim Cook announced that he wants to make users ‘happy’ by allowing them to say god bye to these irritating programs.

Soon, your smartphone will be able to do every distant chore like switching the heat on. Apple is alleged to be launching an app called, Home which will serve as hub for all you gadgets connected to web. These gadgets are part of ‘Internet of Things’ in which the gadgets will be connected to internet.

Apple will obviously upgrade its voice activated assistant, Siri. Rumors provide that siri will be upgraded to pick your phone calls, explain why you don’t want to speak to the caller and then record their responses.

There will be a system through which you would be able to know whether your contacts are available to talk. It will trace your friend’s location and tell if their iPhone is ready to receive calls, or is in do not disturb mode or is switched off.