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September 20, 2019
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Five lesser known facts about Nana Patekar

Bollywood legend, Nana Patekar who has done justice with every film he did. He has one thing common in both his on and off screen personality, i.e. he is intense.

Here are a few facts about him that you may have not known before,

He leads a simple, un-luxurious life

Unlike his colleagues who have a lavish manor to live in, Nana still lives in a 1 bed, hall, kitchen flat. He does not believe in extravagant spending, rather he likes to spend money on welfare if general public.

He struggled hard to be at this position

Nana did not born with a silver spoon. The position he enjoys now if the fruit of his sheer commitment and hard work. He had to support his family also. So, when he came to Mumbai he did odd jobs like painting zebra crossing in the streets to earn living.

He is a great social worker

Nana reached out to peasants in acute drought. While everyone was merely sympathizing the poor souls, Nana took responsibility to alleviate the circumstances of these farmers. He gave 15,000 rupees to every family of 62 groups of farmers who had committed suicide.

He fancied Manisha Koirala

The couple saw each other for some time but due to his brutal nature, they could not make it.

He was a notorious kid

Nana Patekar’s real name is Vishwanath Patekar and though right now, he might seem like a sweet man who is humble, down to earth and giving, he was a complete brat when he was a kid.

He was he first star to demand 1 crore

This man was the first actor to have demanded 1 Crore for a film. The background is, Nana had grown convincingly powerful with the kind of roles he picked and the faultless acting he delivered, that director were completely going gaga over him any were ready to offer him the said amount.