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September 22, 2019
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Five bizarre facts about World War II

World War II marks as one of the deadliest event in mankind’s history. Here are a few facts about it which may not be known to you,

There was a bagpiper, Bill Millin aka ‘The Mad Piper’, being the only bagpiper to land on the beach in Normandy with other soldiers.  When men were falling around him, he was playing pipes and he did that throughout the battle. When German snipers were inquired about why they did not shoot him. They replied that they thought him to have gone insane and felt bad for him.

The German prisoners of war were treated so nicely in Canada that they got fond of the place and did not want to leave it when released. Many remained in Canada or moved to Canada from Germany later.

There was a German interrogator, Hanns Scharff who opposed the use of physical torture on POWs. Rather he would take them out to lunch, on nature walks and to swimming pools where they would disclose information on their own. After the culmination of World War II, he moved to US and became a mosaic artist.

Then the war started, all the dangerous animals of the London zoo were exterminated to avoid the risk of their escape and harm people if the zoo were bombed.

The last POW, Andras Toma was repatriated in 2000. He was captured by the Red Army in 1944 and was discovered living in a Russian psychiatric hospital in 200. He could make it for a few years then after.