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January 28, 2020
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Pakistan ranks 131st on Global Innovation Index 2015

ISLAMABAD: Pakistan ranks at 131 out of 141 countries analysed by the Global Innovation Imperative for the year 2015. The Global Innovation Index (GII) covered 141 economies on 79 different indicators.

Theme for 2015 index analysis was “Effective Innovation Policies for Development”. The report covered data on 79 indicators to analyse various innovation policies to check against claims of effective development policies.

GII report analysis the effectiveness of government efforts and their impact on the economy’s degree of development. Switzerland, United Kingdom, Sweden, Netherlands and United States of America are the top five economies on this index.

Pakistan scored a total of 23.07 point on the 100 point scale to rank at 131st, just under Nicaragua and above countries like Sudan, Zimbabwe, Niger, Yemen and Nepal. Nigeria and Bangladesh stood above Pakistan in the innovation index.

Pakistan did even worst on the innovation input sub-index with an over all rank of 136 however comparatively better on the out sub-index with an overall rank of 117 out of 141. Indexes are divided into Institution, Human Capital & Research, Infrastructure, Market Sophistication, Business Sophistication, Knowledge & Technology outputs and Creative Outputs categories with three sub-sets in each area.

Pakistan scored 37.1 in the Institution, 23.1 in Infrastructure, 35.8 in Market Sophistication, 22.5 in Business Sophistication, 20.2 in Knowledge & Technology outputs and 19.6 in Creative output areas.

The report reveals that Pakistan’s performance and policies are consistently poor with regards to sustainable development and innovation. One of the major reasons is the devastating score in one of the most important area; “Human Capital and Research” with a 12.8 score.

Human Capital and Research area covers Education, Tertiary Education and Research & Development sub-sets with indicators such as expenditure on education, school life expectancy, tertiary enrollment, university ranking and expenditure on R&D.

The report reveals that despite individual and private level efforts to lead Pakistan into Global Innovation arena through various different platforms Government policies are not helping much to improve the situation.