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October 14, 2019
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IPhone: Apple debunks the biggest myth about saving battery life

There are a lot of hacks regarding using iPhone and several issues relating to it. But there are also some myths that are widely believed but are only myths. Apple recently debunked the greatest myth relating to iPhone’s battery life.

This is the most common tip given to a new iPhone user that closing unused apps on the smartphone improves the battery life. But it does not actually.

Swiping apps off the screen and opening the multitasking window is not doing your phone any good. Neither is it helping your phone to save battery.

The myth debunked when an Apple user mailed CEO, Tim Cook and inquired him, ‘Do you quit your iOS multitasking apps frequently and is this necessary for battery life?’

The head of software development at Apple, Craig Federighi, responded, ‘”No and No. :-)’.

This is the most popular myth of the time. This has been supported by many reputable publications as well.

The former Apple technician and Martiancraft CEO Kyle Richter has anwered this myth brilliantly,

“Many people think that force-quitting these apps will at the very least do no harm since “they aren’t running anyways.” The logic of “…you might as well quit, just in case” comes into play…”

‘The very process of quitting an app will use up a measurable amount of battery life,’ he says.

He stresses that, ‘There are times when the device may need those resources and it will quit the app on your behalf, which will drain the battery in the same fashion. However, modern smartphones have an abundance of memory and you would be surprised how often an app can just stay suspended forever.

“This is doubly true for any app that you are frequently launching and using, these apps in all likelihood will never need to be closed and the repetitive exiting and relaunching can have a very noticeable toll on your battery life.” He concludes.