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August 24, 2019
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Study claims sugar to have similar effects as cocaine

According to a new study, sugar affects the brain similar to the effect cocaine has and people addicted to sugar can be treated in the same way as other drug abuses.

This study has been carried out by the researchers of Queensland University of Technology (QUT and its findings tell that excessive sugar intake increases the dopamine levels in the way similar to other drugs as cocaine.

The study also found that long-term sugar intake will ultimately result in the reduction in dopamine levels. It means that people have to take more and more level of sugar to reach the same reward levels (that of cocaine) and avoid mild states of depression.

It was also found that chronic exposure to sucrose can result in eating disorders and change in behavior. The study also indicates that the drugs used to treat nicotine addiction could be used to treat addiction to sugar.

Excess sugar intake can increase the risk of weight gain. It is pertinent to mention here that findings of the recent study are not concurrent with the study conducted by Edinburgh University in 2014 which concluded that sugar addiction was not a biochemical dependency but a psychological one similar to gambling.

Scientists, writing in the Neuroscience and Biobehavioral Reviews, said they could find no evidence that people could become addicted to substances in foods.