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October 18, 2019
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China exasperated over G7’s remarks on disputed island

BEIJING: In a retaliatory reaction against G7 Nation remarks on disputed island, China warned these states to refrain from any irresponsible statements.

Earlier G7 Nations’ ministers meeting in Japan jointly released a statement in which it was said that they opposed any one-sided offensive, violent and provocative action which increases tension in region.

The foreign ministers of the G7 Nations – US, Britain, Canada, France, Germany, Italy and Japan did not openly refer China in their statement.

In a response, Foreign Ministry spokesman in China Lu Kang said China has full legitimate right to claim over this territory

He urged foreign ministers of these states to desist from any irresponsible statements and action and play a constructive role for peace and stability of region.

In a joint statement G7 states ministers commented on the resistance of occupying on land and constructing outposts on it for military purposes and emphasized on resolution of disputes in good faith and according to international law.

Few month back, tension increased in South China Sea when China declared its East Sea as defense territory and adopted aggressive policy over the disputed territory of South China Sea.

China lays claim to the entire region of South China Sea which is contradict to the claims of other Asian countries of Vietnam and the Philippines. These states accuse china of having illegal occupation for development of artificial island in that area which can be used for military purposes.

China says, objective of development of artificial island is to provide facilities to its citizens but others states view this purpose in military perspective.