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October 16, 2019
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Careers according to zodiac signs

Choosing a career is a challenging task and everyone needs counselling for this. But it is interesting to know that our zodiac signs can help us choose our career,


This sign entails very adventurous, goal oriented and robust qualities. People under this zodiac sign aspire to be the best in everything they do. The perfect jobs for them would be accounting and banking work and the jobs related to medicine and sciences i.e. Physics, Chemistry etc.


They are innovative and independent. Science and astronomy, artistry and invention is perfect for them.


Apart from being old souls, they are creative and innovative. They have flair for utilizing intuition. They would excel in careers related to arts, veterinary medicine, philanthropy, and psychology.


Assertive, strong, outspoken and determined, these people can excel in entrepreneurship, adventure, media and politics.


They are stable and secured and would excel in public relations, nursing, law and education.


The most versatile of all they are perfect for travelling, acting, media and journalism.


Mild, kind and full of energy. Their abilities will be polished in banking, law, psychology and oceanography.


They are the born leaders. Inspiring and charismatic, they are bound by optimism. eo can work under these natures: Managerial positions, CEO, Acting and media editing.


They are perfectionists. Virgos can work as a statistician, editor, detective or translator.


They would prefer diplomatic interactions. Jobs such as Diplomat, mediator, social worker, and lawyer suits their personality.


Their ideal jobs could be: spy, researcher, scientist and surgeon.


They will be best on focus-needy jobs such as being an interpreter, public relations person, theologian and animal trainer.