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September 22, 2019
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Here is why Electronic Rickshaws must be introduced in KPK

PESHAWAR- Electronic vehicles are popular globally, as they entail lack of noise, cheaper prices and environment friendly nature. Khyber Pakhtunkhwa (KPK) is going to launch Electronic Rickshaw and it is the demand of time. Here is why they must be introduced in KPK,

Peshawar has been ranked among the most polluted cities in world with an average air pollution of 17PPM (particles per million) and a consistent noise level of over 85 decibels both of which exceed the World Health Organization (WHO) standard limit, according to Environmental Protection Agency (EPA).

Rickshaws contribute to both noise and air pollution. They are a major transport in KPK. There are about 13,000 registered rickshaws in Peshawar alone. According to Regional Transport Authority Secretary Naimatullah, the total number of rickshaws, registered and unregistered, in the city are over 50,000.

E-Rickshaws will help in mitigating the pollution as they do not require petrol or CNG. So they will not only be better for environment but also would require minimum maintenance. With increasing incidents of gas-cylinder explosions these rickshaws will most certainly be welcome by drivers and commuters.