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October 17, 2019
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Five facts about Taher Shah you do not know

Taher Shah who totally made the internet world mad after his recent song has become even more famous than before. So, we can say that critique suited him well. Though not everyone criticized him rather there were some folks who praised him for not caring what people would say. Here are a few facts regarding him,

He has also tried modelling. He has had a photo-shoot and uploaded it on his official website.

Both Hritik and Ranveer has dubsmashed on Taher Shah’s eye to eye. Ranveer took it a step further, dressed up in his attire and did the ‘eye to eye’ Dubsmash. He received over 2 million views in a couple of days.

Taher Shah bagged ‘American Prestige’ award for lyrics and has broken three world records in 2013.

The pop sensation is planning to do a feature film in future. He also looks forward to launch a TV channel.

‘Haters gonna hate’ but this man has achieved something in one day which takes people a lifetime to achieve.