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August 25, 2019
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Here is why drawing room is called so

Drawing room is the room in a house where guests and visitors are entertained. But have you ever wondered why is it called drawing room? Or when did it originate? Here are the few facts regarding this room,

Drawing room was previously known as ‘withdrawing room’ or ‘withdrawing chamber’ which originated in sixteenth century. The word made its first written debut in 1642.

Withdrawing room in an English was basically the one to which anyone living in the house including a distinguished guest withdraw for more privacy.

In London during eighteenth century, the royal morning receptions were called ‘drawing rooms’ by French in the context that the privileged members of court would gather in the drawing room outside the king’s bedroom where he would make his first formal public appearance of the day.

The term drawing room is not much used now as it was used previously in west, but is still common in India and Pakistan.