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September 21, 2019
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There is an inbox folder you must open immediately

Do you know that there is a secret inbox folder which you must open and check immediately? Sometimes, a person who is not in your friends is likely to send you an important message but you cannot see it as it goes in another folder of your inbox.

Messages from those who are not in your friends list are kept in the ‘Other’ folder by Facebook. Though now you get a notification of ‘message request’ if you receive unknown message.

But sometimes, it sends it in spam and you do not receive this notification every time. So your important message may be laying in the spam folder and you don’t know it.

So go to your messenger app, and reach the setting option, tap on it and a drop down box will appear. You will see ‘people’ option, after going on that tap messenger request. There is your ‘Other’ folder and the ‘filtered messages’.

Here is your required place, check it out.