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September 17, 2019
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Five reasons sports car is not good

Sports car is a fantasy for many and has become a status symbol now. People dream about having Ferrari, a Lamborghini, and McLaren, a Pagani, or a Bugatti all their lives, from a tender young age right up until they experience that third or fourth midlife crisis. But there are not that good as presumed. Here are a few reasons,

They are lower to the ground

They have a low ground clearance. This means that even a tiny pothole in the roadway can cause thousands of dollars’ damage to the car.

And it will be a dull job, driving your car while keeping an eye for potholes and speedbumps which you will find in abundance.

They have too much power

You just can’t drive at the horsepower in excess of 600 ponies. So, the major feature of your sports car is just useless. Because if you drive on this speed you can completely lose control of the car and have a costly accident.

Furthermore, you paid huge amount for something you are not going to use frequently.

It’s costly to fix it

The cheapest supercars are still quite expensive — and you always face the question of whether your sub-$100,000 “supercar” is a true supercar. So you feel the pressure to man up for the pricier shiny metal.


These cars are highly uncomfortable. The whole point of a sports car is to tuck you down in a low tub made of carbon fiber of magnesium, enfold you in firm, bolstered, racing- derived seats and then kick start your journey. But this can lead to you and your lower back on no speaking terms.

You are never alone

Yes, owning a sports car means you are never alone. Someone will always approach you with questions, admiring declarations, and requests for selfies.