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October 16, 2019
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Seven interesting facts about United States (US)

United States (US) is one of the developed countries which plays a pivotal role in world politics. Here are a few interesting facts about Unites States,

US government once carried out killings of various Americans

It happened during the 20s and the 30s when alcohol was barred in the entire country. The government was forced to put poison on the alcoholic beverages that killed more than 10,000 Americans.

US has no official language

Even though most of the people in the country speak English, it is not still considered as the country’s official language. English language originates in Great Britain.

US, one of the 10 most populated countries

This is because of higher pregnancy rate and higher number of immigrants in the country. There are around 314 million people living in the US.

US major consumer of chocolate in the whole world

This is because major chocolate manufacturers are available in the US. Not only that, Americans also love eating sweet food stuff. It was found out that every single second, American people consume around a hundred pounds of chocolate.

US did not own Alaska

Alaska was a Russian territory and the federal government of US bought it from Russia in 1867.

US minors are legally allowed to smoke

The thing is, they are not allowed to buy cigarettes in any establishments in the country. This case is the same in some other parts in the continent of Europe.

One out of 5 death cases in the US is caused by smoking

This is simply because Americans are major cigarette consumers in the world.