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September 18, 2019
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Here is how to differentiate between real and fake honey

Honey is highly beneficial food and gives several health benefits. But one condition applies here that the honey should be pure or say real. It’s difficult to different between the real one and the fake one. Here is how to do that,

Be sour with the Vinegar Test

Set a few milliliters of honey, apply 2-3 droplets of vinegar essence on it, and then mix well. If the solution becomes foamy, honey is artificially made. Why? Sugars and other compounds other than honey can react to the acidic component of vinegar, making the whole thing foamy.

Thumb Test

Thumb test is perhaps the easiest way to distinguish the real from the fake. Put a little drop of honey on your thumb mark area, then observe. Do you see the liquid spread out or fall somewhere? That’s fake.

Integrate it with the water

Prepare a tablespoon of honey, and then pour in into the glass of water. Pure honey will settle right through the bottom; otherwise, it’s unreal.

Fire test

For this kind of test, you’ll need matchsticks and some source of flame triggers. With this matchstick test, you only have to dip the phosphorus end of the stick into the honey, then situate such in the fire. If it flames, it means that honey is real. That is fake otherwise. Why? Because honey has a flammable compound.