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September 18, 2019
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Three foods that are instant energy boosters

In this day and age when we all get worked-up and are left with absolutely no energy by the end of the day, energy drinks and boosters are something that we all need to rejuvenate us.

However, there are some foods that provide the body with instant energy and help make it active and refreshed. Here are three of them,


One of the most easily accessible fruits in the city are bananas, and they are cheapest as well. Most fitness enthusiasts swear by the benefits of bananas in helping them providing the body with instant energy. With high iron content, the fruit is a great alternative to satiate hunger in a healthy way and also refresh you instantly.

Mix of nuts and seeds

A lot of health conscious people say that a good mixture of nuts, seeds and dry fruits is a great snack to consume when the body is in dire need of instant energy and when you feel extreme fatigue. The fats in the nuts and seeds make sure your body has long lasting reserves of energy, while the high fiber content lowers the release of glucose which keeps the body energetic. A handful or two of this mix a day is enough to keep you refreshed and raring to go.


Lastly, the simplest thing that you can consume to help your body feel energetic is water. Doctors say that dehydration is a major cause of fatigue and tiredness among most people these days. Hence, whenever you feel bogged down and tired, simply gulp down a glass or two of water and your energy levels will shoot up instantly.