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September 20, 2019
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Four foods that make your teeth twinkle

Smile adds to your face value and twinkling teeth add value to your smile. We all have salt, mint, clove and other whitening agents in all our latest toothpaste brands, then too we do not have those twinkling white set of teeth.

Here are the natural foods that can make your teeth twinkle,


The fact that carrots have high water content actually make them good whitening agents for your teeth. By helping in order to stimulate saliva production, carrots help in cleaning the teeth of leftover and stale food that get deposited in the cavities and crevices as well as by strengthening the gums.


A fruit that is extremely tasty and healthy in every way, is also beneficial in whitening your teeth. The fact that the fruit is loaded with malic acid helps to remove surface stains on your teeth that are caused by eating oily and foods that contain more spice. They also have antioxidants that prevent your teeth from attracting stains and bacteria.


Discolourations are caused to the damage caused to our teeth enamel, and the calcium and phosphorous in curd helps in taking care of the enamel on our teeth. This in turn helps in keeping our teeth white and shiny.


Bromelian, an active anti-inflammatory and cleansing element is a prominently present in pineapples, which makes them a great thing to keep your teeth white and clean. This agent helps bacteria stay away, which in turn reduces stain and dirt.