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October 15, 2019
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Seven interesting facts about Asia

Asia can be called as mammoth of the world in terms of land area. Not only is it massive but also it is ‘massively’ beautiful and tourists are just mad about Asia. Here are a few interesting facts about Asia,

Most varied landscapes are available in Asia

Asia is considered to be the home of lowest and highest points earth has to offer. The lowest point is the Dead Sea that has 997 feet deepness, while the highest point is the Mount Everest that has 29,029 feet highness.

Asia is the home of oldest human civilizations

Ancient religions and cultures can be traced in Asia, and this is a great sign of early human civilization. Good example is the Sumer civilization that was traced in Mesopotamia. 7000 years ago, this civilization was still active. Another example is the Indus Valley civilization that was traced in India.

Endangered Animals Can Be Abundantly Found in Asia

It is simply because Asia is blessed with extremely abundant nature and environment. This is the reason why it is the favorite habitat of a number of endangered animals like Asian elephant, Komodo dragon, Indian rhinoceros, and giant panda.

Asia is the number one producer of mango in the world

It is all thanks to the large plantations of mangoes in India. No other countries in the world that can match to the production of mangoes in India.

Asia is home for a country that totally bans the existence of tobacco

This particular country is none other than Bhutan. It is under the Tobacco Control Act. Anyone who disobeys the law will be imprisoned 3-5 years.

Asia sells canned fresh air

The idea of selling canned fresh air was authored by a Chinese entrepreneur named Chen Guangiao. This is all because of the higher rate of air pollution existing in China.

Unique sports originated in Asia

One of these very unique sports is the goat grabbing or the so-called buzkashi. It’s actually the Afghanistan’s national game.