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December 15, 2019
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Four most popular careers for this generation

In 2016, some careers are going to surpass others in terms of scope. This generation which is coming in job markets now is well qualified, but attractive job prospects are lacking. Here are a few careers which are going to be the most popular in coming days.

Health Care

Scope for doctors never shrinks. More and more aspirants enter this field but it is never rendered as old fashioned or too common. But competition in this field crosses the line as majority of the youth aspires to be a doctor and you have to force your way in order to make your place.


Engineering is next to doctor in prestige. Many able folks are supposed to be an engineer if they are not becoming doctor. So, the scope will remain the same but sub fields will change as now Electrical engineering and mechanical engineering have become quite common. Environmental engineering is going to become the new trend in the upcoming era.

Software Application developers

Though not much prestigious but highly lucrative, this profession is going to be the king in coming days. With the new technologies and software launched every other day from every aspect of our lives demand for employees in the field is going to be manifold.

Content Writer

You can find sites in every corner of internet these days. So, this field is never going to be colorless unless the world faces scarcity of websites.