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November 22, 2019
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Junaid Jamshed first reaction after attack

ISLAMABAD: Singer turned Islamic scholar Junaid Jamshed has come up with a couple of tweets an hour after the attack on him at Islamabad airport in early hours of Sunday.

Junaid Jamshed took to twitter to condemn the brutal attack on himself by a bunch of religious fanatics on Islamabad airport and wished that he was not traveling alone.

Junaid moaned that these guys have failed to unite Muslim Ummah and hoped their coming generation would not be as ignorant as their ancestor are at present.

Earlier, Junaid Jamshed was attacked by some religious fanatics who had reportedly off boarded from a flight from Karachi.

Religious fanatics attack Junaid Jamshed

The group of religious extremists took Juniad Jamshed on to their kicks and punches, and kept beating him.


Junaid Jamshed Beaten up at Islamabad Airport by Wishtehar