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September 21, 2019
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Five way to stay healthy throughout dieting

Dieting mostly take a toll on people’s health as they tend to shed some pounds. Here are few ways to stay healthy throughout the dieting program,

Always have proper sit-down meals

When you sit down at a table and eat slowly, as you exchange conversation with your family -eating automatically becomes mindful and healthy. Random grabbing of food while busy with other work makes you feel you didn’t eat enough, thereby leading to over eating during meals.

Have an egg every morning

Having an egg or two for breakfast is one of the wisest things you could do if you wanted to control your weight. Artificially flavored, processed and pre-sweetened breakfast cereals could give you a lot of unwanted kilos. Eggs give us the protein and vitamins our body needs and helps us stay full for longer.

Have fish twice a week

Increasing your oily fish consumption is important. They are a storehouse of a lot of essential nutrients and omega 3s. It has been found that it is good for your heart, skin and also great for weight loss.

Say yes to meat sometimes

Having red meat every other day may not be good but once in a while (two-three times a month) in moderate amounts, it is okay. Nutritionists have found that meat has essential protein and it also makes you feel full for longer.

Don’t say no to butter ghee always

Do you say no to whole milk? Studies have found that that the cream in whole milk has many vitamins and only around four percent fat which is not so bad at all. Having a man-made bread spread instead of natural butter may not be all healthy either.