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August 25, 2019
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Five resume mistakes that hurdle your job hunt

Job hunt is just like treasure hunt. This perfect treasure is waiting to be found and one dedicates weeks, months, years, and even their whole lives to find the treasure that will lead them to professional heights. But one little mistake is hurdling them achieving this which is resume mistake,

Here are a few resume mistakes that are a hurdle in your career,

Objective Statement

Hiring managers have pretty much other things to concentrate upon in your CV other than the objective statement. So, what they do is to just jump to the more ‘worthy’ part of your resume, i.e. experience.

Education at top

Your work experience is the star of your resume and should, therefore, take center stage. Unless you’re a recent grad with no work experience to speak of, your education should be saved for last.

Mentioning every job you ever had

Edit your resume so that only the most important and relevant jobs are presented on this important marketing tool, focus on the most recent ones from the past 10 years, and you might also want to consider customizing your resume to the job at hand for extra points.

Job descriptions

Instead of focusing on your responsibilities, you should focus on what you achieved in each role to convey what kind of employee you were.

Date of employment

If your resume shows that you worked for ABC Company between 2007 and 2011, and then started working for XYZ Company in 2011, hiring managers might get a little suspicious about the lack of months in those dates.