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September 21, 2019
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Five mind blowing tips to concentrate when you study

With exams hanging like a swinging sword, there’s no doubt you will be studying like anything. But at the same time, several thoughts swarm your mind from acing the subjects to planning for vacations. Distractions are profuse, but there are simple ways to concentrate.

Organize your study material

Keep all your study material in one place so that you don’t have to look for notes at the last minute. This way, you will not waste time once you settle down to study. Breaking the flow and hunting for notes will add to the confusion and disturb your concentration.

Eat healthy

Munch on superfoods when you take breaks. This will boost your energy and keep you motivated. Skipping meals will make you lethargic, so stick to healthy snacking.

Keep gadgets at bay

Putting your phones aside is the key. Instead of putting it on silent mode, it’s advisable to switch it off. Staying away from social media will surely do you good. Many studies have suggested that mobiles are a major distraction for students. So, knowing how to stay away from it will solve half your problems.

Make notes

To make sure you concentrate while studying, take notes whenever necessary. This will keep you active and decrease your chances of falling asleep. Reading your lessons aloud will also help you concentrate better.

Take breaks

Long study hours will do you no good. Both your body and mind need breaks. Instead, make your time-table in such a way that you get sufficient breathers. And to relax your mind, listen to soothing music.