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August 26, 2019
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Five things your nail polish color says about you

Have you ever noticed that the nail polish color compliments one’s personality and gives a certain message to the other person? Well, if not then do it now because your nail polish color says a lot about you,

Light pink makes you look professional

Light pink is the ultimate neutral of the nail polish world. The color is perfect for any office environment, season, or occasion, and always looks clean and appropriate. Wearing a pearly shade indicates that you value professionalism and always strive to look put together.

Red radiates glamour

Hard to ignore, red nail polish shows the world that you’re confident and ready to stand out. As far as bright polishes go, red is still a classic.

White shows openness and delicacy

A clean white lacquer leaves you open to endless possibility. The color looks fresh and airy in summer and crisp and classy in winter. Because a white manicure shows cracks and chips easily, wearing it tells people you put time and effort into your appearance. If white nail polish becomes your go-to color, expect to be at the salon often.

Neon signals spontaneity

If you work in a conservative, or even mildly conservative office, save the neon tones for vacations and time off. Bright colors can feel overly youthful, and when not done well, can even look cheap.

Nude is low-maintenance

Nude shades look pretty and polished in the most understated way. Think of these bieges and creams as the more modern version of pearly pink.