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February 24, 2020
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Five features of iPhone SE that make it amazing

The iPhone SE, Apple’s attempt to seize the mid-market is an amazing creature itself. Here are its features which make it more amazing,

Contains feature of iPhone 6S

This product is small and compact like the older iPhone 5S, but it holds all the perks of iPhone 6S, except the 3D touch display which is not fleshed out properly. This means, the phone has the A9 processor, a 12-megapixel camera with support for 4K video and live photos and also a 5-megapixel camera on the front with a retina flash.

While doing so, Apple has increased the theoretical LTE speeds of the phone and also increased its battery life and added support for Apple Pay. It is basically an iPhone 6S without the 3D touch display.

At 39,000

The iPhone SE isn’t the cheapest iPhone ever to be released. But then again, unlike the iPhone 5C which was billed like the affordable iPhone a couple of years ago, it is a no compromise product. You literally get everything barring the 3D touch tech display that’s there to be found in the flagship iPhone 6S on for lesser and in a more compact design.

Attractive design

No antenna lines, no camera bulges, on the iPhone SE everything is perfectly symmetrical and well designed. Apple has also added a matte finish to the chamfers so that they age better too.

Compact and small

The compact size of the device will definitely attract people who refrained from upgrading when the iPhone 6 was launched because of its size. Trust us, there are many people who lug around their iPhone 5 and iPhone 5S just because they are comfortable with the size of the device. Those people are in a dire need of an upgrade, so the iPhone SE will make the perfect upgrade.

Faster than 6S

It can also be argued that the iPhone SE is going to be theoretically faster than even the iPhone 6S because it’s GPU is driving a smaller and lower resolution display. In real world usage, the difference is likely to be indistinguishable, but for a spec junkie this could be gold. It is also ironical because the cheapest iPhone, this way, it becomes the fastest iPhone. Strange, yet true, technically speaking of course.