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September 21, 2019
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Phrases you should never include in your Resume

Hiring managers receive hundreds of job application per day, but only some of them manage to get a job. Why is it so? The reason lies in your resume. It should catch the reader’s attention for which there are phrases you should include and some exclude from your resume.

Here are a few phrases you should not include in your resume,

‘Utilized my skills and knowledge’

Seriously, who else’s skills and knowledge are you going to use if you don’t mention this? Just mention where you utilized them. Old fashioned and overly formal language seems boring now. After all, as you may have already heard by now, hiring managers spend just six seconds examining a candidate’s resume to ascertain whether they’re a good fit for the job or not.

‘Proven ability to produce and deliver results’

Such terms are worn out now. Be specific. You need to be specific and focus on the results that were delivered in order to clearly demonstrate your success. So, instead of including such vague phrases in your resume, opt for an alternative like “Launched company’s social media efforts, increasing online sales by 34%”.

‘Job duties include’

Your resume is your opportunity to make your work history shine, but the moment you start writing bulleted job descriptions for each position you filled, employers are discouraged from reading on. It’s, therefore, extremely important that you focus on you what you achieved, not what you did, in each role to avoid sounding like an uninspired employee mechanically fulfilling his job’s requirements.