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September 20, 2019
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Know what your favorite ice cream flavor says about your personality

The cold delicacy i.e. ice cream is one of the most adored desserts by nearly everyone. It gives you a heavenly feeling with every chunk you take. Most ice cream lovers are partial to a specific flavor which tells a lot about their personality.

Here are the ice cream flavors and the personality traits they attribute,

Bubble gum flavor

You are the kid in the house who loves to create troubles. However, at the end of the day, you are very innocent at heart.

Coffee flavor

A very introvert person who could be found engrossed in his/her books in a silent corner of a coffee shop. Being by yourself is your idea of fun, and sometimes you like to have a long walk and maybe meet up with some of your college friends. You can also go for a beer when the mood demands.

Strawberry flavor

If you prefer strawberry flavor over others, then you are a rather shy and reserved person who tends to follow the leaders. You are fiercely loyal to your family and friends, choosing to stay behind the scenes than being the center of attention. Plus, you could be easily described as a logical and thoughtful person who weighs all their options before making any decision.

Pistachio flavor

You are very creative and bright, always interested in doing something innovative and new. It could be said that you have always gone with your heart, even at places where you were not always welcomed.

Caramel flavor

Your work should keep heart pounding with thrill, it should be exciting enough to keep you engaged. On one hand, people are intimidated by you and on the other hand they find you very sweet and caring person.


You have a vibrant personality and are the ultimate risk takers who choose to rely completely on their intuition than on simple logics. Setting up your targets and achieving them is what you strive for. Also, you seek out security and stability when it comes to relationships.

Chocolate flavor

Often described as confident and ambitious, you are very skeptical about life. Also, you can be really stubborn when you want to but one this is undeniably true and that is you are extremely focused on future, always work on future plans and think ahead of time.