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October 20, 2019
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Here is what the experts say about best time to drink milk

Milk is crucial for our body and should be an important part of our diet. But when should we take it, morning or night? This is the real confusion as there are several conflicting arguments regarding the nest time to drink milk.

If it is consumed in the morning it keeps us active the entire day and if we take it at night it soothes our minds and helps us sleep better. But here is what the experts sassy on this,

Morning: Drinking milk in the morning is not advised as it is heavy to digest.

Afternoon: Drinking milk in the afternoon promotes strength in old people; it also helps to alleviate certain medical conditions such as urinary calculi or stones.

Evening: Drinking milk in the evening is beneficial for the eyes.

Night: Night is the best time to drink milk as it reduces tiredness and is helpful for inducing good sleep.

Thus drinking your way to a good night’s sleep might be beneficial due to the following reasons:

People suffering from conditions like fresh fever, weak digestion, certain skin conditions, cough, loose bowel movements and intestinal worms should avoid drinking milk.

Milk should never be taken during the meals as it is difficult to digest. It should always be consumed separately and should be warm, for easier digestion.

Milk if taken cold, homogenized, combined with unsuitable foods and in excess will definitely be harmful for health.

Milk should be avoided completely for people who are lactose intolerant.