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September 17, 2019
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India’s win over Bangladesh and their semi-final chances

BANGALORE: India held it nerves in a nail-biting thriller against Bangladesh and pulled a sensational victory by just 1 run to keep their semi-finals hopes alive, but still failed to improve their run rate.

India with this win, have got 2 valuable points which makes it 4 for them to perch on the second position on the table, but their run rate (- o.546) is still way less than Pakistan ( +0.254) and Australia ( +0.108).

These states have made the group very interesting, and there are lots of ifs and buts playing the role in choosing the second semi-finalist from he group.

According to states, if India wins it against Australia, they will qualify for the semi-final straight-away.

If Australia win the game, but loses to Pakistan, then Pakistan will be through.

If India lose to Australia, and Australia win over Pakistan with a good margin, Australia will be through to semis.

Fingers crossed for upcoming thrillers especially from this Group (Group-2).