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October 18, 2019
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Pollen count in Islamabad released

ISLAMABAD- As the spring has come, so before welcoming the flowers and colors we have to welcome an uninvited guest which is pollen. The situation is raising alarm in Islamabad as the pollen count recorded for today the amount of pollen present in environment.

According to the pollen count, Sector G-7 contains 2 thousand pollens per 755 cubic meter. In sector G-7, it is 8 thousand per 352 cubic meter, in E-8 it is 2 thousand pollens per 559 cubic meter, F-10 1000 per 248 cubic meter has been recorded.

This raises an alarm for the patients as well as doctors because the hospitals are usually overcrowded during this season and are usually short of inhalers in this time period.

Though, Pollen allergy is an all-time malaise but it worsens in this season.