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September 20, 2019
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5 rivalries of cricket: Pak vs India on top

ISLAMABAD: Pakistan India rivalry has taken cricketing world by the storm just as much as it affects any other area where the two countries come head to head. That however is neither the first nor the oldest rivalry of the cricketing world.

Pakistan vs India

India Pakistan cricketing rivalry is just the extension of their arch rivalry in all sectors since the inception of Pakistan and India in 1947. Although it originated almost a hundred years after the first cricketing rivalry in 1978 it is the most intense rivalry of the cricketing world that took cricket fans by the storm.

Australia vs England
One of the oldest rivalries of cricketing world dating back to 1877 however the term Ashes that became the symbol of this rivalry and one of the biggest tournaments in the cricketing world originated in 1882 after Australian win at Oval, also their first victory on English soil.

USA vs Canada

To many’s surprise this is the oldest rivalry of the cricketing world dating back to 1844. This rivalry is rooted in K.A Auty Cup a series played between Canada and the United States. K.A Auty Cup is also the longest sporting event. Much like Pakistan and India rivalry US Canada rivalry also extends to many things however not a violent one at that. It began with the Cup during September, 1844 at St Goerge’s Cricket Club in New York.

Australia vs West Indies

West Indies emerged as one of the most feared crickets teams in early sixties and their rise gave way to one of the most sensational rivalries in Cricket during the West Indian dominance on cricketing world. These two cricketing giants clash every four years at the Frank Worrel Trophy created by Sir Donald Bradman and former test cricketer Ernie McCormick the last tournament was played in 2011.

New Zealand vs Australia

Australia has a rivalry with almost every other cricket team in the International Cricket circuit which brings us to another important series in the history that began in 1946, Chappel-Hadlee Trophy. A one day series between New Zealand and Australia is named after the legendary cricketing familiies Hadlees and Chappells.