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November 13, 2019
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Four things that kill employee morale

Employee’s morale is quite important for you and your organization as the productivity if your employee depends upon his or her morale. Thus on his morale depends your whole organization. You might be attacking your employee’s morale unintentionally but the damage is being done,

Here are a few things you might be doing that are killing your employee’s morale,

Public execution

Verbal bullets hurt as much as the actual ones do. Especially when they are being shot in public. Reprimanding your employees publicly not only demoralizes him or her but also demoralizes the whole team. So, if it is incumbent to attack them, do that in person.

Tossing the grenade

You expect accountability from your employees and they in turn expect accountability from you, by passing on the responsibility of failures to subordinates will demotivate your people faster than someone that was just tossed a dangerous device and has nowhere else to throw it.

Being a monarch

Threatening every mistake with termination will make your employees oblivious to what you are saying to them. Furthermore, they would try to evade that sword hanging upon them continuously by switching to another job. Eventually, you will be ruined.

Boarding a suicide mission

If your lofty goals have such a tight deadline that people would literally have to negate basic human functions such as sleeping, eating and excreting to meet it, you are on a suicidal mission. So, before you imagine your glorious victory beating out every single company record, think of what it will do to your soldiers i.e. subordinates that really don’t care what the next goal is, because they aren’t going to meet it anyway.