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August 25, 2019
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Just tried to give a positive message in India: Afridi

KOLKATA: Pakistan Twenty20 skipper Shahid Khan Afridi had to give classification over his statement of getting more love in India than from Pakistan, after a massive Bash-Afridi campaign hit Pakistan media after the comment.

Afridi, in the post-match presser, stated that he is the son of Pakistan and whatever he is today, is just because of his own country.

He said, “I tried to give a positive message in India stating that Pakistani Cricketers are respected in India. My message was in positive sense. I can’t help if one is trying to find negativity out of it” says Shahid Afridi.

The anti-Afridi element in the media and Pakistan took this comment as the weapon to start another Go-Afridi campaign.

The unlucky skipper, despite his bucket-full match-winning performances for Pakistan, has been under heavy criticism for being out-of-form and being responsible for Pakistan’s poor form in T20s.

On the other hand, India’s leglendary batsman Sunil Gavaskaer has backed Afridi for his comment ans rated it as ‘nice.’

Gavaskar “What Afridi said was a good way to say nice things about Indian public. Crowd now will not be hostile towards Pakistan.”