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August 21, 2019
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Tips to explain career change in an interview

Changing career is the decision that not usually made with light heart. It is even more difficult when you have to explain it in your job interview. Here are a few ways to do so,

Be Prepared

I’m sure that you are well aware that hiring managers usually opt for candidates who have some sort of relevant work experience. Hiring managers always look for other things as well, so if your resume and your cover letter manage to speak to them you’ll be called in for an interview.

It’s important, however, to be prepared to address the issue of your career change in your job interview. It will definitely come up and so you need to be able to address it boldly without a trace of hesitation.

Focus on Your Transferable Skills

I’m certain that you know how to explain your desire for changing careers but what you should really focus on are your transferable skills. Remember that lots of soft skills are essential in many careers across industries and you need to point that out to the hiring manager.

Make a Case for Your Willingness to Commit to Your New Career

Your transferable skills can help you with getting the job, employers are always interested in hiring employees who adapt easily and are flexible and this is why they will often take the risk of hiring someone from across industries.

But in order to really nail the interview you need to remind them that you are more than willing to commit to your new career. Let your potential employer know that you are serious about this opportunity by explaining to them that you want to further your education and you want to become a valuable asset of their team.